24. September 2018

Our process is all about working together

This is the very first Mindweiss newsletter.

We are issuing it because we want a dialogue with both clients and colleagues in the industry with a view to challenging and inspiring each other and advancing the field of leadership and organisational development. So, we will regularly post various types of features on current topics on Mindweiss’s LinkedIn profile, always encouraging comments and debate.

In this first newsletter, the focus is on this year’s Search & Headhunting report, which has just been published. This is the fourth such report, and it is both with great pleasure and with great humility that we read its conclusions.

Fully aware that we do not yet have sufficiently substantial data material to rank us at the top, we are immensely proud of the fact that, after a mere eight months in the market, we came 9th out of 2018’s best head-hunters, and 5th in the Greater Copenhagen area. That tells us that we made the right decision when, just over a year ago, we decided to unite two strong specialities: recruitment and leadership/organisational development. In Denmark, despite their close association, so far the two have operated totally in parallel. But there is no doubt in our minds that it is this combination that has given us this strong launch pad, which the report so clearly reflects.

Although Mindweiss is a new player in the recruiting context, we have more than 17 years of experience in leadership and organisational development. It is that extensive professional knowledge acquired from working on organisational development that led to the establishment of a brand new platform in Mindweiss with a focus on recruitment. We are not industry-specific. We are generalists. After all, you do not recruit to find an industry; you are aiming to create a match between a company and a person. And that is universal.


No. 1 When It Comes to Client Experience
Delving into the details of the report, it gives us even greater pleasure when we notice the fact that we came first on the basis of the 5 parameters that matter most to us. These are the parameters that describe our clients’ experience of the service we provide. Our clients have rated us so positively that we came first in terms of presenting an appropriate number of candidates and presenting relevant candidates – candidates who meet expectations, employer branding and value for money. That is the greatest recognition we could wish for, and we thank our clients for the trust they have shown in us and the recognition with which they have rewarded us.


Both the Candidate and the Company Must Be Primed for the Meeting
Our 17 years of working on leadership and employee development in organisations have provided us with profound insight into companies and a capacity to identify clearly the extra competencies they need. Whereas, previously, we had to entrust this task to the company itself, possibly in collaboration with an external recruitment company, we can now amalgamate the entire process by working from the core of the company and out.


We are already inside the company. We know its potential for development and understand its culture. That means we are best equipped to identify the most relevant candidates. It is not merely about professional competences, but also about the personal and social aspects. Because, to successfully match people and companies, many parameters need to be in sync.


There are numerous examples of abortive appointments, in which the professional skills were top notch, but the chemistry was lacking. That is expensive. That is why we devote a lot of energy to getting to know a candidate, so we are sure we have a picture of the whole person before introducing him or her to the company, out of respect for the time of both the candidate and the company. We prime the candidate for the meeting with the company, and the company for the meeting with the candidate, so that both parties experience a constructive and fruitful discussion. That is where the potential is realised. We are involved in the entire process, so we can guide the parties in their first important meeting.


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