We Promise You 3 Things

Promise 1

We set specific goals for the collaboration and follow up both during and after the programme.
In any collaboration with MINDWEISS A/S, we guarantee you the best programme and the greatest dividend by working together to set tangible goals for what you wish to achieve. We follow up both during and after the process.

Promise 2

We guarantee you access to our unique specialists in your particular sector.

Whenever you work with MINDWEISS A/S, all projects are invariably handled by highly qualified specialists from your sector. This is a guarantee of the knowledge and understanding necessary for seeing the project through. You will always meet and approve the specialist before embarking upon the project. This guarantees you an optimal process every single time.

Promise 3

We guarantee you ROI-Return On Investment. Our collaboration guarantees you good Return On Investment. Please note that we do not necessarily say what you want to hear, but always what is important for you to hear.

Return On Investment

Whether a recruitment project or a development project, collaborating with MINDWEISS A/S should make an impact on your bottom line. That is why we deploy an internationally developed ROI model that quantifies the leadership-driven results.

The ROI process is a systematic measurement and evaluation process, which combines 6 types of metrics to document the effect of a recruitment process, effort or training programme:

  • Measured by direct response
  • Measured by knowledge gained
  • Measured by behaviour
  • Measured by skills
  • Measured by strategy implementation
  • Measured by financial key performance indicators

Learn about our ROI process and how it will benefit both you and your company.

Return On Investment

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