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Leadership has gradually become a discipline that makes infinite demands on a leader’s skills: law, salary, employment, dismissal, competition clauses, client clauses, labour market conditions, employee development, staff development interviews, stress management, conflict talks, cultural transformations, traineeships, senior policies, age and gender diversity etc. etc. etc.… Not forgetting running and managing a company or organisation!

Fortunately, many large companies have a professional HR department that deals directly with many of the tasks or that serves as the manager’s vital sounding board.

However, not all companies and executives have these opportunities. But help is at hand.

MINDWEISS A/S have developed HR as a Service (HRaaS), somewhat like what we are familiar with in, say, the IT industry. Because over the years, we have met many companies and managers who encounter specific needs in various areas, for which they lack internal resources.






HR as a Service (HRaaS) covers the entire HR palette: from recruitment, searching, testing, surveys, organisational development, leadership development, employee development, outplacement and psychological assistance to related HR services in law, pay etc. MINDWEISS takes care of all the areas the client needs.

We customise a solution to match the reality of each client on the basis of a transparent, tried-and-tested business model, which guarantees the highest standards from start to finish.

HR as a Service (HRaaS) guarantees you direct access to our unique specialists.

Whenever you work with MINDWEISS A/S, all projects are invariably handled by highly qualified specialists who know your sector. This is a guarantee of the knowledge and understanding necessary for seeing the project through. You will always meet and approve the specialist before embarking upon the project. This guarantees you an optimal process every single time.


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