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Effective recruitment of key people

MINDWEISS has the skills and tools to help boards of directors and the top managers and executives of companies in their endeavours to identify, attract and develop exceptionally skilled leaders.

We have wide-ranging experience. That means we possess unique insight into the public sector, the private sector and non-profit organisations.

At MINDWEISS, we combine practical expertise from a wide range of industries with a comprehensive cultural and geographical knowledge of the markets in which we operate. This guarantees our clients a dynamic range of qualified candidates.

Our consultants have well-documented management results from the past and, by virtue of our many years of experience, we provide a unique contact interface that is one of the biggest in Denmark.

The process of MINDWEISS Executive Search

MINDWEISS Executive Search features a detailed, structured, in-depth analysis of the company, guaranteeing the client the best match in terms of culture, values and expectations.

During the process, we conduct extensive test procedures and involve strong industrial psychology-based expertise. We thereby arrive at a highly-detailed picture of the future leader who will ultimately help a client’s business to scale new heights.

In cooperation with MINDWEISS, our clients are guaranteed a trusted partner who will take care of the wishes and visions of the company and management.

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