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MINDWEISS A/S is a consultancy with more than 20 years’ experience. We assist organisations and companies with every single part of the development process. We do not embark upon the process with a ready-made concept, instead basing our approach on reality, and adapting our contribution to suit the needs, desires and problems of each individual organisation.

We identify the challenges and identify the resources the company may lack.

We find and recruit the best candidates using our extensive network of experts and on the basis of in-depth personal analyses that reveal the candidates’ academic, professional and social competencies.

We advise the executive team and work on bespoke programmes for each executive.

We implement targeted development programmes for individual members of staff, and for the team and organisation as a whole, to get everyone working towards the same goals, based on common values, attitudes and norms.

We also ensure that everyone is prepared to go the extra mile with a view to creating the desired change.

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We Promise You 3 Things

We Promise You 3 Things

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