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At MINDWEISS, we have the capacity to match the right candidates with the right companies. As your trusted search partner, we find and select your next talented member of staff. We have more than 20 years of experience in the field across industries. That equips us with unique insight into, and understanding of the parameters that apply, when it comes to the perfect match between a candidate and a company.

Our wide-ranging experience has provided us with unique insight into the public sector, the private business sector and non-profit organisations. We advise both managers and specialists, and we are experts in career and management consulting, development, recruitment, relocation and outplacement.

For a company, appointing the wrong person can be a costly and sometimes harmful process. At MINDWEISS, we regard ourselves as ambassadors for your company. That is why we specialise in making the process a success for all parties. Our search process features a detailed, structured, in-depth analysis of your company to guarantee the best match in terms of your culture, values and expectations.

During the process, we conduct extensive test procedures that cover all the aspects of the candidate’s professionalism and personality. We involve relevant key people and decision makers in order to arrive at the very best understanding of the company and your needs.

We ensure the optimal search process

In order to guarantee you the perfect match, it is vital that we arrive at a detailed overall picture of your requirements, desires, visions and company identity. This unique insight and thoroughness are among the most important factors when it comes to finding the right candidate with the mindset and ambitions appropriate to the company’s DNA.

By virtue of our many years in the industry, our contact interface has become one of the biggest in Denmark. When working on a search, we familiarise ourselves with your company’s market and competition situation. Our process features a thorough search process and an insightful selection process. What distinguishes the search is the fact that we select the candidates from our extensive network and database. We conduct in-depth, highly detailed research into your history and line of business. We do this because we know that any match depends on this knowledge.

It is important to distinguish between search and recruitment, as the ideal candidate is not always an active job seeker. It may just happen that the candidate is a passive job seeker and should therefore be contacted. This is where MINDWEISS comes into the picture.

The result of the process is a concrete introduction to relevant candidates who formally match the analysis to the full. We provide the precise profile that your company lacks. We will be your trusted partner who will take care of your needs, the company, and your wishes and visions.

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