A fresh start for a member of
staff who has been laid off

Extensive outplacement process

We have more than 20 years’ experience, and we are experts in career and leadership guidance, development, recruitment, relocation and outplacement.

We familiarise ourselves thoroughly with your company, conduct in-depth, highly detailed tests and provide professional coaching. For the person who has been laid off, this means that the dismissal process can turn into a forward-looking process.

We provide the candidate with professional advice and serve as a sounding board. We also offer concrete tools that can help them progress in their career, including an insight into their own characteristics and potential development areas. We do this on the basis of:

  • Personal career counselling
  • Personality test
  • Networking and social media

The process is adjusted to your wishes and needs, and we make sure that the candidate is given a personal coach who follows him or her throughout the entire process.

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What you can expect from an outplacement course at MINDWEISS

An individual outplacement course includes: personal day-to-day coaching and counselling, and discussion and feedback in meetings or by phone, Skype and mail. The candidate will also be given the opportunity to participate in active recruitment, to take an MPA personality analysis and to expand his/her personal network – for example, using LinkedIn.

We also offer the opportunity for training and preparation for upcoming job interviews, and guidance in terms of clarifying competencies, goals and values with a focus on success and passion. If they need any help with devising materials, we can also guide them. This usually means application letters and a CV.

MINDWEISS A/S has wide-ranging experience, which over the years has provided us with unique insight into the public sector, the private business sector and non-profit organisations. Consequently, by collaborating with MINDWEISS A/S, you will gain a wide range of competencies and specialist knowledge that leave no stone unturned.

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