4. March 2020

New Website Requires Professional Sounding Board

As a result of a fruitful collaboration with the digital agency Frankly, MINDWEISS is now launching a new, dynamic website that expresses the essence of the company in the best possible way.


Six months ago, for the second time in less than two years, we were faced with the need for a new website. The first had not entirely lived up to our expectations. Maybe because we had been tempted by a great quote. This meant that we regularly found ourselves in unfamiliar situations: for example, in discussion with Indian programmers in the middle of the night in an attempt to get things up and running. So, this time we were aware that we needed to invest significantly more time in the project. Today, we are proud to launch the result. We could not have achieved that result without Frankly as a professional sounding board. We thank them not only for guiding us through the process, but also for challenging our immediate view of ourselves.


An Important Strategic Tool Requires Circumspection

Initially, we selected three potential providers and met each of them so we would be sure to choose the right business partner. It quickly became clear to us that Frankly had an intuitive understanding of the DNA of MINDWEISS. That was crucial to our decision. Then the work started in earnest. Because creating such a vital strategic tool as a website for a company is a complicated affair. It needs to be functional, easy to find your way around on and feature clear messages. But it also needs to give the visitor an immediate urge to explore, inspired by the perfect choice of design, colours, graphics and images.


Welcome to a New MINDWEISS

Today, we are extremely satisfied with the result. For a start, it looks very different from the previous one. That is the result of excellent advice. A good advisor understands who you are, at the same time forcing you to view yourself with new eyes. So, we would like to thank Frankly and their team for getting us where we are now, with a perfect correlation between our new visual identity and the way we perceive ourselves.