19. June 2024

Strategic Partnership with Raadgiverhuset

MINDWEISS Enters into Strategic Partnership with One of Norway’s Leading Recruitment and Development Firms, Raadgiverhuset Rekruttering

This partnership marks a significant step in MINDWEISS’ ambitious mission to strengthen its market position and deliver innovative solutions to both clients and candidates in recruitment and development.


At MINDWEISS, we see this partnership as a natural extension of our strategic plan, where we have identified the need to expand our presence in the Nordic region. Founder Ole Weiss states, “We are incredibly excited to take this step together with Raadgiverhuset. Our expertise and shared values make this collaboration something truly special.”


Marc Dulong, Managing Partner at MINDWEISS, adds, “Our ambition has always been to serve our Nordic clients locally and maximize the synergies that arise between our countries. This collaboration gives us a fantastic opportunity to strengthen both our strategic and operational capacities. By combining our resources, we can deliver more targeted and effective solutions to our clients across the Nordic region.”


Benefits for Both Clients and Candidates

For our clients, the partnership means access to a larger pool of candidates and more resources, making it easier to find the right talents. Audun, Managing Partner at Raadgiverhuset, explains: “Our clients will benefit from an expanded network and a broader geographical reach of candidates. The collaboration also enables more targeted and relevant solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.”


Trygve, Partner at Raadgiverhuset, adds: “Our clients will experience a consistent approach to work processes based on a shared business philosophy. This means that regardless of where our clients are located in the Nordic region, they will receive the same high standard of service and quality. We place great emphasis on delivering consistent results and ensuring that our methods and tools are adapted to local market conditions, while maintaining a unified strategic vision.”


For candidates, the collaboration opens doors to more job opportunities across the Nordic countries, as well as the many advantages of our in-depth local knowledge and language skills. The opportunity to apply for positions outside their home country creates new career paths and development opportunities that can help shape the future job market. All Nordic positions will be listed on our website, increasing visibility and opportunities for candidates.


We are genuinely excited about this partnership and look forward to seeing both candidates and clients benefit from the many advantages it will bring. With Raadgiverhuset, we are creating a strong unit where our combined resources and expertise will lead to better results.

For more information about Raadgiverhuset, visit their website here: Raadgiverhuset