3. January 2020

New Senior Partner Joins MINDWEISS


MINDWEISS Appoints Carsten Fenger-Pedersen as Senior Partner & Management Consultant.


It was only six months ago that the consultancy firm MINDWEISS announced the opening of an Aarhus office. Now, with Helle Buus Hougesen (Director) at the helm, it is servicing clients west of the Great Belt. Nonetheless, Ole Weiss and Marc Dulong are already ready to take the next step in their carefully planned growth.


“The goal is, and always has been, to make Mindweiss one of the leading consultancy firms in Denmark, uniquely tackling both recruitment and development,” says Marc Dulong (Managing Partner), who joined Ole Weiss’s well-established consultancy firm in 2017. Since then, MINDWEISS has been developing rapidly and, when Carsten Fenger-Pedersen takes up his position as Senior Partner & Management Consultant on 1 January 2020, this will be another important step towards the goal. “We are delighted to welcome Carsten. He possesses huge international experience and a total understanding of the importance of qualified recruitment,” says Ole Weiss.


Creating Relationships

Carsten Fenger-Pedersen (47) has spent most of his career working in international groups: mainly in the IT and telecom sectors. For the past 7 years he was Partner Manager for Northern Europe and Benelux in the French IT company IDEMIA. The leap to a consultancy firm based in Hellerup with mainly national clients may seem major. But then again not.


“For more than 20 years I’ve been working in the field of strategic management, and I still will. I believe it’s chiefly about establishing relationships, and I look forward to working on creating long-term relationships between companies and employees under the auspices of MINDWEISS,” says Carsten


Having hired countless employees during his career, he knows how important the process is, and what it means for a company to get the right person for the job. “It’s a special area for which I have the greatest respect, and something it really pays to invest in.”


Positive Energy Is Infectious and Motivational

For Carsten Fenger-Pedersen, job satisfaction has always been a top priority. He believes that employees only do their very best if they thrive and understand the company’s culture, language and goals. On a more personal level, the prospect of being part of a team with a special energy was another factor that attracted him to MINDWEISS.


“I was already in contact with Ole Weiss 15 years ago and found that we had a great chemistry and a common understanding. So, when our paths crossed again, I was inspired to make a change in my career. Many people will probably be surprised that I didn’t choose to stay in the industry I know so well, but I felt like trying something new. MINDWEISS is an exciting company, very visionary and ambitious, and with an energy that is infectious and motivational. I want to be a part of that. Another factor is that, whereas I used to spend 60% of my time reporting, now I can focus on the clients. That suits me just fine,” concludes Carsten Fenger-Pedersen.


For further information:

Ole Weiss, Founder

Marc Dulong, Managing Partner

Carsten Fenger-Pedersen, Senior Partner

Phone: (+45) 70 26 27 17

Carsten Fenger-Pedersen looks forward to taking up his position as Senior Partner & Management Consultant at MINDWEISS on 1 January 2020