Ole Weiss


The Founder, Ole Weiss has been running the consultancy firm Mindweiss A/S since 2001, specialising in the development of organisations, managers and employees. Prior to establishing Mindweiss A/S, Ole was co-founder of the Internet-based analysis institute Zapera (today YouGov). Before that, he was the co-owner of Denmark’s largest consultancy, Cultivator, where for six years he applied his expertise to the fields organisational and leadership development.


Over the years, Ole Weiss has worked with more than 35,000 people in both Danish and foreign companies and achieved significant results. Ole has been temporarily hired by a number of companies for periods of 3 to 12 months with the aim of creating a necessary turnaround. This has provided Ole with a unique understanding of the mechanisms that work in organisations and of the people who need to create change.


“There is always unresolved potential, both in the company and in the workforce. It often takes a new pair of eyes to help realise it and create better results. I always start with the management team, because they are crucial vis-à-vis how the company performs. This is where the change process starts,” stresses Ole Weiss.



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