Marc Dulong

Managing Partner

Marc Dulong, Managing Partner, holds an innate talent for seeing people, understanding their skills and thus matching them to the right job. In addition, Marc represents more than 20 years’ experience in the field of recruiting: for everything from large specialist companies to international equity funds, and industries ranging from finance to IT to logistics.


At an early stage in Marc’s career, Berlingske Business named him one of the top leaders of the future. At the time, he was CEO of Randstad Professionals, then a new branch of the worldwide temp and recruitment company. He was then headhunted by Compass Human Resources Group as Director of Business Development and, just one year later, promoted to Equity Partner, which earned him a place in the Nordic management group.


Marc’s personal experience as a manager is essential vis-à-vis his role as a client’s confidential sounding board.


+45 60 13 91 09