Carsten Fenger-Pedersen

Senior Partner & Management Consultant

Carsten Fenger-Pedersen, Senior Partner & Management Consultant. Carsten has worked in international groups for most of his career, chiefly in the IT and telecom sectors. For the past 7 years he was Partner Manager for Northern Europe and Benelux for a French IT company. Having hired countless employees during his career, Carsten brings vast knowledge of the importance of qualified recruitment. “It’s a special area for which I have the greatest respect, and something it really pays to invest in,” says Carsten.


Over the past 20 years, Carsten has also been involved in strategic management and building long-term relationships between companies and employees: a goal, which Carsten will continue to help MINDWEISS clients achieve. Another of Carsten’s priorities is the creation of job satisfaction. He believes that employees only do their very best if they thrive and understand the company’s culture, language and goals.


+45 28 35 30 30