2. April 2018

At MINDWEISS, Recruitment and Development Are Inextricably Linked

Ole Weiss has sold 50% of his company to the recruitment expert Marc Dulong. This means that, from now on, MINDWEISS A/S not only identifies the resources clients lack, but also finds the right candidates, and develops managers, employees and the organisation as a whole.


Unique opportunities are often the result of coincidence. Half a year ago, Marc Dulong moved in next door to Ole Weiss. An informal chat over the hedge became the start of a new, exciting professional collaboration. “When Ole explained what he was doing, things instinctively fell into place for me, and it didn’t take long before I proposed going into partnership with him,” says Marc Dulong.


While Marc Dulong has Ole Weiss has been running the Mindweiss consultancy firm and focusing on developing organisations, leaders and employees. “There is always unresolved potential, both in a company and in its workforce. It often takes a new pair of eyes to help realise it and create better results. My starting point is always the management team, because they are crucial vis-à-vis how the company performs. This is where the change process starts,” emphasises Ole Weiss, who used to be a partner in Cultivator. For six years there he applied his expertise in organisational and leadership development. He was also the co-founder of the internet-based research institute, Zapera (today YouGov) .


Recruitment and Development Are Inextricably Linked

Over the years, Ole Weiss has worked with more than 35,000 people in both Danish and foreign companies. He has often been employed on an interim basis for periods of 3 to 12 months in order to really get to grips with the challenges. This has provided him with a unique understanding of the mechanisms that work in organisations and of the people who need to create change.

In the context of any organisational development, as a natural part of the process, Ole Weiss assesses whether the company has the necessary resources. “I often recommend supplementing the workforce with new staff in specific positions. Whereas Mindweiss was not part of this process before, with Marc’s expertise we can now assist clients throughout the entire process. We can recruit and develop – or develop and recruit. It’s hard to say which comes first, because the two are inextricably linked. That’s why it makes such great sense for us to work together.”

High Ambitions

Thanks to his truly innate talent for seeing people, understanding their skills and matching them to the right job, Marc Dulong rocketed to success in the field of headhunting. At the age of 33, Berlingske Business named him one of the top leaders of the future. At the time, he was CEO of Randstad Professionals, then a new branch of the worldwide temp and recruitment company, which, under Marc Dulong’s leadership, grew from DKK 0 to 6 million in its first year alone. He was then headhunted by Compass Human Resources Group as Director of Business Development and, just one year later, promoted to Equity Partner, which earned him a place in the Nordic management group. “Even though I was very happy in my job and felt professionally challenged in every possible way, I dreamed of an independent life and, when I met Ole Weiss, it suddenly it made sense,” explains Marc Dulong.


Huge Demand

Today, Marc Dulong acquired 50% of MINDWEISS and was appointed Managing Partner.

“I have great respect for the history of the company and for all that Ole has created. That’s what we are now developing, by adding an exciting new business area and thus uniting our competencies. The goal is for Mindweiss to be one of the leading consultancy firms, offering a totally unique service for both recruitment and development. Although we have only been operating a short time, we have already noticed that the demand in the market is huge.”

Marc Dulong personally tackles all projects. In addition to many years of experience in recruiting, he was a leader for a number of years, so he naturally applies that insight to his role as the client’s confidential sounding board. “Finding the right person for a job is an exhaustive and very structured process. Ole and I each has his own network, so now we have a very strong network of formidable experts and know exactly where to turn to find the right people, regardless of the nature of the assignment. We always use the best man – or woman – for the task. People who are passionate about what they do,” concludes Marc Dulong.

For further information:
Ole Weiss, Founder.
Phone: (+45) 70 26 27 17
mobile: (+45) 40 57 65 55

Marc Dulong, Managing Partner.
Mobile: (+45) 60 13 91 09