Bita Hojabri

Research Consultant

Bita Hojabri, Research Consultant, holds a bachelor’s degree from University of Roskilde and an ongoing master’s degree as Master of Science (MSc) in Business Administration and Psychology, where she has obtained strong analytical and practical skills, just as she has acquired knowledge in the organizational and psychological field.


Bita’s educational background and experience from previous positions at Dansk Tandforsikring and the Red Cross means that she has an inborn understanding of customer care and the maintenance of the relationship. In particular, she is experienced in having the individual’s background and needs and requirements in mind. Therefore, she ensures a thorough needs assessment when identifying suitable candidates. 


Furthermore, Bita has a solid understanding of personal profiles. Hence, she is a good resource in working with MINDWEISS’ candidates.


+45 60 13 91 84


Bita research assistant