Annabel Kersalu

Research Consultant

Annabel, Research Consultant, comes with experience from the wind turbine industry, from where her interest in development processes and psychological perspectives on organizational and business issues has arisen. She thus has an analytical perspective on her work tasks with a great eye for detail.


Annabel studies a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Administration and Psychology at CBS and thereby contributes with a solid theoretical fundament to identifying and developing human resources in organizations. Furthermore, Annabel is a part of CPH Management Consulting Club at CBS, where she, as Human Capital Organizer, has obtained an insight into the recruitment process. Thus, Annabel helps to identify the candidates who match the customers’ strategic objectives and whose competencies, ambitions, and personalities match the specific company’s culture, values ​​, and expectations.


+45 60 13 91 79


Annabel, Research Assistant,