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Building Sales Power® is a value-based sales training course. We focus on rational service tools and sales psychology, looking at them in the light of the culture and behaviour of the sales department. Building Sales Power® is development of sales for the individual sales rep or the entire department!

Building Sales Power® is based on Building Leadership® our leadership development concept. When devising the latter we analysed and assessed more than a thousand leaders, identifying what the best leaders do and what we can learn from them. This is the knowledge we pass on here.

Our analytical work led to a clear understanding of the views of more than a thousand managers on the subject of sales and service, and on the principles and behaviour that have produced the best results in their respective companies. Based on this unique knowledge, we developed Building Sales Power®.

The sales course will provide all attendees with the sales and service tools they need as salespersons. They will receive practical coaching and be assigned real-world, sales- and customer-oriented tasks.

They will learn to set ambitious goals and to better sell themselves, the company and the products, so everyone achieves more success.

How to define a service philosophy and work according to its principles should not be rocket science, but what is the situation in your organisation? What is your sales philosophy, and do you work according to its principles?

Building Sales Power

Building Sales Power® is an Individual, voucher-based, personal sales coaching or development of the entire department, customised to suit your requirements.

Based on Building Service Power® and the service tools you have acquired from previous training programmes, courses and seminars and/or where you are today, we will coach you with the goal of stimulating and utilising your resources to the full, so that you achieve your goals and make a difference.

We discuss issues and coach you to tackle everyday challenges. We participate in joint visits, meetings, presentations, personal conversations etc.

The ‘logbook’ is crucial when it comes to cementing profitable sales behaviour and sales culture.

The logbook is an important follow-up tool in your Building Sales Power® action plan, and it is used in the course by:

  • Yourself
  • Your superior leader, who plays a role and follows up between our coaching sessions.

Market Segment

All sales reps and sales teams involved in direct customer contact, where the goal is to sell the company’s products and services.

The objectives of the course:

  • To achieve your goals at work and in your private life
  • To achieve even better sales results
  • To achieve greater clout
  • To overcome your fear
  • To find even greater joy and motivation in your job
  • To find motivation, on the basis of the company’s and salespersons’ own values
  • To work together in a beneficial, long-term, secure and professional way on behalf of both customers and your company
  • To behave in an engaged, targeted and sales-oriented manner
  • To understand that effective communication is the key to being understood
  • To understand the importance of efficient planning
  • To gain new energy and understand the importance of imparting that energy to others
  • To understand the importance of sales psychology and thereby its use
  • To create even better results for the company
  • To provide an abundance of new inspiration, motivation and energy
  • To make better use of your time
  • To forge better relationships with customers, colleagues and your boss
  • To understand the importance of sales psychology and thereby its use


We use your strong personal values to work more efficiently on:

  • How good planning ensures success
  • How to apply professional sales psychology
  • The nature of successful communication
  • The significance of commitment in the sales process
  • Efficient analysis of customer needs
  • Is tackling objections necessary?
  • In order to achieve the goal, start at the end
  • How to implement the strategy and tasks using the 8 executive principles.
  • How should you follow up?
  • Quality standards
  • Planning – how to make the best use of your time
  • Qualifying customers and topics
  • Communication
  • Questioning technique
  • Active listening
  • Tackling objections
  • Sales psychology
  • FAB – argumentation technique
  • Economic reasoning
  • Conclusion technique
  • Presentation technique
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Booking appointments
  • Personal development

Course structure

The course will inspire and motivate everyone through teaching, discussion, exchange of experience, individual assignments and presentations. The teaching approach of the course is interactive with a very high degree of participation. The participants themselves are an important part of the course.

The Process

We always have an in-depth approach to analysis and the process of anchoring, which is why we start the course with a personal conversation, in which we get to know each other, identify your skills, set your goals and make an action plan. The logbook helps us follow up continuously in consultation with you, your immediate superior and (if necessary) the HR department.


A successful salesperson is one of a company’s most important assets.

If you follow our advice and listen to yourself, we promise that you will see and experience the effect.

The benefit depends on joint effort and commitment. We will support and guide you to move towards your goals and make a difference.


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