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Being an effective and successful sales manager or sales director is one of the most difficult leadership roles.

You operate between a rock and a hard place, while having to listen to, and taking care of people

You have to set high, attractive targets for your sales staff. You have use constructive discussion to manage their efforts vis-à-vis customers, materials and products. At the same time, you need to be close enough to them to develop their attitudes, motivation and skills. Finally, you have to defend their results to the rest of the management team.

Based on the Building Leadership® concept and what we can learn from the best leaders, we have developed Building Sales Leadership® to provide sales managers and sales directors with the best conditions for achieving even greater results.

The Goal

Building Sales Leadership® will inspire, motivate and coach you to achieve better results with, and through your sales staff. You will achieve this by using simple techniques and systems for planning, managing, influencing and developing their efforts.

You will gain an understanding of how important productive leadership time is, and learn how to prioritise your time optimally, creating greater results for each salesperson, for the team and for the company.

The Content

  • Knowledge of how to inspire, motivate and develop your sales staff so they continuously achieve greater goals
  • The challenge of developing your sales staff to become better and more proficient than you yourself
  • Coaching in how to tackle ‘difficult’ conversations
  • Inspiration to deliver the necessary efforts
  • Knowledge of how to motivate, develop and understand your employees so that you can give constructive praise and criticism




Building Sales Leadership® will provide you with:

  • A reliable toolbox of tangible, practical methods for efficient sales management
  • The framework for attracting, retaining and developing the best salespersons
  • The capacity to raise the level of ambition in each salesperson on the basis of understanding, continuous development and motivation
  • The knack of striking a balance between the Management By Objectives (MBO) and Value-Based Management theories

Market Segment

All managers, sales managers and sales directors both old and new, who are responsible for sales.

Building Sales Leadership® is available for both individuals and groups.


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