Service Companies


Customers demand measurable influence from the services they purchase. They want to know how your business and the services you offer are different from your competitors. It is difficult to demonstrate unique expertise on the basis of products and services alone.

A professional attitude and the way in which your team interacts with customers have a huge impact on the customer’s perception of the value they get when they trade with you and your company.


We attract and develop your employees

As the leader of a professional service company, you are responsible for attracting, retaining and developing highly ambitious professionals and making sure they know how to work with customers on the basis of the values you stand for.






MINDWEISS A/S specialises in helping the leaders of professional service companies to set direction, stimulate commitment and ensure dividends. We can help you develop a strong organisation, striking a balance between an ambitious need for independence and the need for cooperation.

We can help you find the right managers and staff, whose hands-on training in how to build unique customer relationships, while strengthening your employees’ ability to build trust and collaboration with customers, is not enough.

See the case example above where Bjarne Brohus, Divison Director at Forenede Service, talks about the collaboration with MINDWEISS.

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