Municipalities & Government Institutions

The public sector is constantly seeking change and improved efficiency.
Municipalities and government institutions have to perform a number of predefined tasks in a complex political environment. MINDWEISS A/S helps them to understand, prioritise and tackle them efficiently.

We have worked in the public and semi-public sectors for many years, and our specialists possess profound insight into the complexities and challenges of the sector.
In close collaboration with the individual institutions, we help find the right managers and employees. More particularly, we assist in the development of leaders, employees, and the entire organisation to optimise operations and introduce new, more efficient ways of working.

Our projects typically include redefining services and workflows, attitudinal changes to ensure that institutions meet citizens’ needs, and breaking down silo thinking to stimulate cross-departmental synergies for mapping operations to create an overview of processes and expenses.

There is huge interest in improving the transparency and efficiency of the public sector, with the mission of achieving lower costs. The public sector is undergoing significant transformations and is investing a great deal of effort into tackling a changed demographic composition and adapting to a wide range of impacts from the increased pressure on welfare.

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