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According to Dansk Energi, the interest in the Danish Energy sector is steadily rising. The organization points out that one of the reasons for the increasing interest in this sector is our successful transition to more green and efficient energy solutions. Simultaneously, this means that the energy sector has increased its strategic importance, which, among other things, is reflected in an increased export of Danish Energy.

Hence, Dansk Energi emphasizes the importance of the continued development of the sector if we, as a country, want to maintain competitive advantages globally. According to the consulting company Willis Towers Watson, this puts demands on companies’ ability to deliver effective, reliable, and modern infrastructure and production as well as a high level of service.

We notice this tendency with our customers, who express that they aspire to generate and develop exactly these properties in their organizations. Through the years, MINDWEISS have assisted our customers in the energy sector with organizational development and recruitments of both leaders and specialists to ensure that they are at the forefront of development and future demands.






In our work with the sector, Energy, Water & Heat, we have experienced that the customers typically deal with a large number of highly specialized employees, who are driven by subject-specific challenges in the given projects, which places demands on the structural and cultural practices of the organizations.

Thus, the tasks we have solved for these customers range widely and deal with matters such as covering the competencies and potential within the organization and developing these through structured training programs and ensuring a common ground among all employees.


In that regard, we have e.g., solved development and recruitments tasks for companies such as Nordic Solar A/S, Glostrup Forsyning, Guldborgsund Forsyning, Danske Vandværker and more.

In the case example above, you can see Bo Nørbjerg, CEO at Glostrup Forsyning, talk about the collaboration with MINDWEISS.

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