Consumables and Retail

With a turnover of more than 400 billion DKK annually, the danish retail industry constitutes a significant part of the Danish economy. According to Dansk Erhverv, the sector employs more than 230.000 danish citizens and thereby contributes to securing growth and prosperity in Denmark. Besides playing a key role in the Danish economy, the industry supplies consumers with everything from groceries and food to electronics, interior and clothes. It thereby ensures the functionality of the everyday life of Danes.

Concerning recruitment, the retail industry differentiates itself from other sectors. Opposite to other industries, your academic degree does not define whether or not you can succeed in the industry; however, your characteristics and ability to be service-minded is considered important. It is thus an industry that recruits broadly, which is why it, to a large extent, also attracts people for whom it may otherwise be difficult to gain access to the labour market.

Following digitalisation and the continuing technological development, the Danish retail industry has been forced to adapt in order not to be overtaken by large international e-commerce companies.






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Retail companies that are at the forefront win in the end

As online shopping becomes more and more normal, our consumption patterns are changing. This puts pressure on the stores, which are in imminent danger of failing if they do not deliver a good online experience on their website and social media channels. 

Since the retail industry employs both educated and uneducated people, the working life of many young people begins there. Thus, Dansk Erhverv estimates that more than 50% of all employees in the retail industry is under the age of 30. Furthermore, if you are a good employee who creates results, you have the opportunity to make a career in a relatively short amount of time. Besides, it is an industry that manages to educate a significant part of its employees.

Social media, in particular, affects the results on the bottom line and can have a great positive impact on the companies that manage to utilise the media’s full potential in sales, branding, collaboration and dialogue with customers. In connection to this, it is especially relevant to mention the rise of influencers, which many companies could benefit from including in their marketing strategy. Opposite to traditional marketing, collaboration with an influencer can target a broader and more specific audience, thereby creating awareness about the brand, increasing sales, and putting the company one step ahead of the competition.

The retail industry is not only challenged by internet giants and technological developments. The corona crisis has also played a significant role in the accelerated conversion to only sales. According to Nets, the Danish population bought online goods for 57,6 billion DKK in 2020. That equates to an increase of almost 15% compared to the year before, which is partly due to the lockdown caused by corona.

Recruit digital and adaptable employees and create more value

According to Nets, Danish citizens have experienced the convenience related to online shopping, which can explain the rapid increase in online sales. Also, many consumers have figured out that shopping online can save you money.

It is thus an industry that faces a wide range of challenges that companies in the sector must be equipped to meet. Facing these challenges requires experience with dealing with issues ranging from strategy and management to revenue growth, cost-effectiveness and managing “bad assets”. Furthermore, the importance of employees who have the right professional competencies and ambitions must not be neglected.

At MINDWEISS, we have thus, through many years, been assisting customers in the sector ‘Consumables and Retail’ with organisational development and recruitment of both leaders and specialists to secure that they are at the forefront continuously. We have assisted companies with recruitment for positions within various disciplines, including sales directors, export managers, sales managers and CFO positions. Our customer portfolio includes Stine Goya, Masai, Birger Christensen, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, BabySam and Rabens Saloner.

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