Pernille Hornhaver

Partner & Organisational Psychologist

As well as holding a MSc in Educational Psychology, Pernille Hornhaver is an Executive Coach. For many years in her practice, she has served as a sounding board for the development of leaders. Pernille also has a significant past in the recruitment industry, where she worked, for example, with Markman and Promando. That means she has a totally natural understanding of MINDWEISS’ overall areas of expertise.


Pernille is involved in the recruitment and evaluation of candidates and all aspects of our development work with managers and employees. She serves as a sounding board for clients in terms of requirement profiles, clarification processes and strategy, and also helps with outplacement projects as a natural extension of the other assignments we tackle. Finally, Pernille streamlines the tools we use in MINDWEISS: For example, in the testing and selection process.


Pernille is passionate about supporting people’s development and helping them reach their full potential, both personally and professionally. With her business psychology skills, Pernille plays a vital role in MINDWEISS’ holistic approach to recruiting, developing and retaining managers and employees in organisations.


+45 26 85 04 94