Julie Sommer

Partner – Head of Research

Julie Sommer, Partner – Head of Communication & Research, has been with MINDWEISS since January 2018. Part of the everyday tactical and operational parts of the decision-making processes, Julie is a trusted sounding board. Julie is in charge of research, ensuring that MINDWEISS’ research processes always fulfil the high standards the company has set and is known for among former and existing clients.


With a Master’s in International Business Communications from CBS, Julie brings an analytical approach and a pronounced business acumen to her work. As a result, Julie was selected to be part of Danske Bank’s specialist programme as an external consultant in the context of a major change process in change management.


Julie previously worked for a PR and communications agency, where she helped the company’s clients optimise their brand value and presence in media that were relevant to their brand. So, Julie has substantial experience in company analysis, segmentation and execution: skills on which she constantly draws when fulfilling the development and recruitment goals of MINDWEISS’ clients.



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